A Better Way To Divorce In Ohio

Collaborative Divorce

Creative Problem Solving To Reach Solutions Outside The Court System

Creative Problem Solving To Reach Solutions Outside The Court System

Who We Are

The Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals (COACDP) is a nonprofit organization made up of lawyers, financial professionals, mental health professionals and others. Our goals are threefold:

Provide information about the collaborative family law process to clients as an available alternative when ending a marriage
Offer clients a list of trained member professionals that are available to assist them in the collaborative family law process
Promote the process and offer competent training for collaborative professionals

All of our members are required to complete training in the collaborative family law process. Anyone interested in this approach should ensure that his or her attorney and other professionals have received training.

What Is Collaborative Law?

How Does The Process Work?

Who Makes Up The Collaborative Team?

Why Is Training Important?

A Forward-Looking Team Approach

Collaborative law can help your family restructure at the end of a marriage.


Legal professionals

Financial professionals

Mental health professionals

Real estate professionals

The assembled team focuses on helping you reach workable, long-term solutions outside of the typical litigation model. The collaborative process keeps the decision-making control in your hands.

In addition to collaborative law, several other alternative dispute resolution tools can limit conflict. It may be possible to avoid litigation with direct or indirect negotiation without a collaborative participation agreement, mediation, early neutral evaluation and/or arbitration.

Get In Touch

Whether you made the decision to divorce or have recently learned that your spouse wants to end the marriage, find out if the collaborative law process may be appropriate for you. To get answers to questions, please send us an online message.

Collaborative Family Law Act

In 2013, the Ohio Collaborative Family Law Process Act went into effect. This legislation sets out the requirements and protections afforded by participation in a collaborative family law process.

Communications that occur with lawyers in the collaborative family law process are confidential. Privileged communications also extend to those made by the parties and non-parties designated to participate in the collaborative family law process (such as financial professionals and family coaches). This means that what is discussed in the collaborative process cannot be used against you in court if this process is terminated and a divorce case is filed in court.

The Experience Of A Past Client

“The collaborative professional team made our divorce process run smoothly from the initial consultation through the final hearing. … We would highly recommend the collaborative law approach to anyone going through the difficult process of divorce.”


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