A Better Way To Divorce In Ohio

Collaborative Divorce

About the Collaborative Law Process

Terminating a marriage is not easy. Everyone has heard the horror stories about divorce through litigation. Rather than allowing a stranger (whether a judge or a magistrate) make the decisions that will impact your family now and into the future, the Collaborative Process offers you the ability to make those decisions and maintain control of your case.

Collaborative Law gives people an effective way to resolve their divorce case with the guidance of attorneys who have received training in the art of principled negotiation. The Collaborative Process relies on the honesty, cooperation and integrity of the parties and the complete and open sharing of all information towards the goal of resolution of all of the issues. Collaborative Law enables the parties to minimize negative economic, social and emotional consequences involved when terminating a marriage.

Instead of rushing to the courthouse, contact one of our ATTORNEYS to discuss the alternatives to litigation. You do have choices.

The Collaborative Process

Once you and your spouse have each chosen one of our ATTORNEYS, the four of you agree on how to proceed. Typically, a date is agreed upon for the first meeting, at which you review and sign the collaborative divorce participation agreement and agree on an agenda for the next meeting. The parties may be given “homework” to produce and exchange information at the next meeting. At the following meeting(s) the parties work towards resolving the issues by negotiating with the assistance of their attorneys, and other professionals if necessary, based upon their interests.

Once the issues have been settled, the attorneys draft the agreement and documents (most likely for a dissolution of the marriage) required for filing with the Court. The parties then meet to review and sign the agreement and documents and they are subsequently filed. A final hearing is then held for the parties to appear before a judge and affirm the agreement.

The following is a video for you to review, “The Collaborative Way to Divorce” produced by and featuring Stuart G. Webb, Founder of Collaborative Law, and also Collaborative Attorney Ronald D. Ousky. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Webb who gave us permission to use this video on our web site.

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