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Attorney Forms And Documents

  • Acknowledgment of Informed Consent Form (PDF Size 72KB)
  • FAQs on Collaborative Law (
  • Client Information Worksheet (PDF Size 120KB)
  • Collaborative Law Participation Agreement (PDF Size 146KB)
  • Franklin County —
  • Licking County Affidavit (PDF Size 508KB)
  • Fairfield County Affidavit (PDF Size 137KB)
  • Pickaway County Affidavit (PDF Size 757KB)
  • Union County —
  • Communication Pointers for Families in Divorce (PDF Size 62KB)
  • Age-Appropriate Shared Parenting Plan Provisions (PDF Size 573KB)
  • Ethics Decisions (PDF Size 139KB)

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Local Rules Of Courts

Courts Case Information

  • Delaware County —
  • Fairfield County —
  • Franklin County —
  • Licking County —
  • Madison County — contact Clerk of Court 740- 852-9776
  • Pickaway County —
  • Union County —

Affidavits And Other Forms

Additional Information

  • Webcam Visitation For Parents Living Long Distances From Each Other -