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Central Ohio Academy of Collaborative Divorce Professionals wishes to acknowledge that the video clips come from a half hour television program by award winning journalist Tony Seton, called "Divorce--Collaborative Style." For information about Tony Seton, including information about the full length program, you are invited to view Mr. Seton's web site, www.collaborativedivorce.tv. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Seton who gave us permission to use his video on our web site. We would have preferred to have included the entire video on our site, but due to the "file size" and what we could produce here on our web site, this was not possible. Therefore, we edited this program to fit the time and hence the file size available to us.

The video "The Collaborative Way to Divorce" was produced by and features Stuart G. Webb, Founder of Collaborative Law, and also Collaborative Attorney Ronald D. Ousky. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Webb who gave us permission to use this video on our web site.

Attorney Holly Holbein and collaborative divorce client Lynn Vigo discuss the merits of collaborative law versus traditional courtroom law. View the video here.

View a video of Judge Lowrance on ABC News here.

Listen to a recent, local interview with Bob Connors here.

Questions commonly asked by attorneys about collaborative law video.

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